From traditional to contemporary

The workshop produces plaster accents to decorate the interiors of private homes and public buildings. The handcrafted products include the usual plaster accents: ceiling roses, corner cornices, ceiling cornices and corner pieces, cornices for diffuse light, columns, pilasters and  capitals, keystones and corbels, lamp shades, friezes, bas-reliefs and decorative panels.  Some items in the catalogue present  traditional lines  drawn from Greco-Roman architecture, others are inspired by neoclassical  art and  art nouveau style. Instead, our custom production comes to the aid of those who need to decorate  contemporary spaces, creating linear, straight and square mouldings. The items produced in the workshop are made of natural white plaster.

Natural products for a healthy home

Plaster is a  natural raw material as is the sisal fibre. Therefore decorating one's home or public building with plaster accent pieces means healthy living spaces and wellness for those who reside therein.