Plaster corner cornices

The plaster corner cornices decorate the point where ceiling meets wall.

These are linear mouldings, some inspired by classical architecture, others with a more contemporary line. The most protruding lines also cover a portion of the ceiling, thus providing further decoration. The various shapes and dimensions fit perfectly in a wide range of contexts, creating the desired effect, for example, raising or lowering the height of a room. The corner frames come in lengths of 2000 mm.

The plaster frames also includes the ceiling cornices, designed to be set at the corner, between the ceiling and the wall or on the wall just below the ceiling. In this way, by setting led lighting strips on the cornices, they can serve as light diffusers. The length of these cornices varies from 1500 to 1700 mm.

Other plaster mouldings are designed to create panels moulding on ceiling or wall, to trim doorways, mirrors, paintings and frescoes. The panels mouldings cornices come in lengths of 1300 mm.

The corner cornices, ceiling cornices and panels mouldings cornices can be custom built and this holds both for straight and curved pieces with custom radius to create fields, build ring roses, column capitals or cornices for arches. Some of these frames have matching corner mouldings.

The plaster corner cornices and plaster cornices of the Decorative Plaster Mouldings catalogue, can be used to decorate of plaster fireplaces.

Available in natural white plaster.

To view the corner pieces, consult the plaster corner section in the Decorative Plaster Mouldings catalogue.

The measurements are in mm.